The Dance Group of Naoussa Paros, Greece was founded in 1988. Its main purpose is to pass on to the younger generations the living tradition of our country’s folklore. It consists of 7 sub-groups divided according to age. The group is managed by a bi-annually elected seven-membered board of directors.

The Dance Group of Naoussa Paros is a member of the International Dance Council (Conseil International de la Danse) of UNESCO. In order to encourage the fellowship with people from other regions and countries it has taken part in many international festivals in Greece and abroad, where it has performed with outstanding acclaim. Some of these were in Portugal, Holland, Austria, France, Malta, Denmark, Tunisia, Egypt, Italy, Turkey, Hungary, Finland.

So far, among other activities, it has organized:
- Two seminars in collaboration with the European Union (“The Teaching of Traditional Greek Dances” – 1994, “The Lyres Of Greece and their dances” – 1996)
- The 1st “Cycladic Folkdance, Music & Tradition” Festival (1998)
- The “Tribute to traditional wedding costumes” Festival (in collaboration with the Dora Stratou Theatre in 2000)
- The “Parian Folkdance Groups Panorama” (2003).
In addition, it has so far invited and hosted 35 folkdance groups from other parts of Greece, Cyprus and from abroad (Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey, Austria), while the laographic committee of the group has so far published two books.

The Parian costumes worn by the dancers are exact copies of 16th century Parian dress. There is also a collection of 100 costumes from other islands and areas of Greece as well.